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Strange days have befallen us, and it would seem western civilization is at a perilous crossroads. We come to you now with the reminder that at a time when some of our leaders have chosen paths towards isolation, exclusion and divisiveness – that the greatest revolutionary act is love and empathy. And as we all gauge how involved we can be in acts of resistance – lets not forget to temper that with moments of joy and inclusion. Events where we can get together and celebrate how lucky we are to even exist at all – as the luckiest monkeys in our solar system. Here’s some chances we can all get together and church it up for a night in pop up temples of good music and fantastic shoes:

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Saturday Feb 11, 2017

EDWARDIAN BALL: get tickets at: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1390392-8th-annual-edwardian-ball-los-los-angeles/

We couldn’t be more excited about returning to perhaps the best event of the year, the Edwardian Ball, which will be held in a new location this year at the Globe Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. This will be our 5th appearance. And I can tell you it just gets better and better every year. We’ve been busy as Keebler Elves cheffing up some fresh music for ya, (in fact – we pledge every tune on this gig will be one we’ve never played out before). Get suited and booted in full orchestration – we’re gonna party like it’s 1909…

NEW SINGLE: https://soundcloud.com/gentlemen-callers-of-la/thistrain_02-01-17_2/s-pYalp

We gotta new chart! “This Train” will be commercially available through Green Queen Music next month – however – we are giving you guys on our mailing list an advance listen.

“This Train” is one of the oldest and most enduring folk songs in American history. While the original author is lost to history, the first known recording of it appeared in 1922, and shortly after became a gospel hit in the 1930s by Sister Rosetta Thorpe. Since then – it’s been reinterpreted constantly throughout the decades by an incredibly broad range of artists from Woody Guthrie to Neena Hagen and dozens in between. We humbly submit this electro-blues version to the tradition. Look for the video and commercial release in March…


So in the spirit of everything mentioned above; social gatherings, music, performances and all variety of fun, fashion and play as it pertains the the retro-rewind, vintage remix, electro-speakeasy community – We have combined forces with our dear friends Professor Watson and Duke Skellington to help turn these scattershot events and nights into more of a unified scene. We will cross promote and offer discounts to other events and most importantly unify the vintage remix community to keep it fresh, healthy and growing. A good time, every time.

We’ll be rolling out more details as we get farther in on it – But the Electro Speakeasy Society will be a city wide circuit of events, and get togethers and well as vendors and arts of all disciplines centered around the Neo-vintage culture here in Los Angeles. Once we get the system up and running – we’ll be looking for folks that want to get in the network either as a participant or provider so we can continue to foster and connect this culture all across town…

Upcoming ESS sponsored events:


We’ll be once again returning to Europe to see all our lovely friends across the pond in April! New look for ward to returning to some favorite cities, and hitting a few new ones as well, where no doubt we will spend most of our time trying to assure our overseas friends that not everyone in America has totally lost their minds. While we are still working out the final routing – our first stop is at a brand new festival being put on by our dear, sweet friend Chris Tofu in Torquay, England called the Grinagog Festival. We’ll be playing Friday and Saturday night at what looks to be an AMAZING good time: https://www.grinagogfestival.com


OK so – kind of a no-brainer this month. The Vaude Villainz would have to be our artist of the month! Last we checked their Voodoo Swing EP (out now on Ragtime Records) was topping the charts at #2 on Beatport’s Glitch Hop chart.


Be sure and like their Facebook page and please support their release! You can’t talk about the Electro-swing/Vintage Remix scene in Los Angeles or San Francisco without talking about these guys. We’ve shared many a stage, radio show and podcast with these guys and we’re incredibly proud of them and honored to call them friends!

It is rumored the duo, consisting of Duke Skellington & Skyler Gilmore, conjure up their music using a series of long forgotten hoodoo practices, combining elements of the vintage swing sound together with pure unadulterated 21st century bass.

That’s all for now. In the words of the time traveling prophets Bill and Ted – “Be Excellent to Each Other”