Title : Black Market Gentlemen
Release Date : March 25, 2017
Format : Digital Download



Like a lot of modern producers working in electronic music – we have always used samples of one kind or another, and we have a weak spot for a well made mash-up.

About once a year or so, we like to indulge in creating remixes or mashups that we weren’t necessarily invited to do. Its a part of the rich tradition of modern electronic dance music. When we have made them – we have always had a policy of releasing them as free downloads – primarily through our Soundcloud page.

In recent months, Soundcloud has unleashed a series of bots combing their platform looking for known copyrighted music. The bot is eerily good at it’s job – as it can sniff out stuff pretty well buried in a mix. As a result – all of the material we fabricated in this paradigm got unceremoniously bounced from our Soundcloud page.

Not willing to go out without a fight – we hereby present to you all of those songs in one easy to download, completely free package. You can stream them (or individually download your favorites) from the player on the right or you can download the whole EP by clicking here.

copyright 2015 the Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles. All rights preserved on ice with scotch and a splash of ginger.